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Terms & Conditions

1. Applying to join.

Entry to the Guild will be limited to those artists who have a body of artistic work that can be classed as sensual or figurative in nature, which also shows a good level of competence, technique and originality. The medium utilised for the artwork can take many forms, and need not necessarily be limited to conventional artistic media, and many forms of artistic work can be considered according to artistic expression.
An application must be received with a selection of artwork via email for the randomly selected panel to assess the membership application. Any application submitted without examples will be rejected. In most cases, a Website will assist the application.
Applications scrutinised by a panel consisting of founding members and current Guild members. New memberships are then carefully assessed. The panel vote upon each individual application to be accepted. The application must be accepted by at least 6 members, including a minimum of 2 of the founding members. A record is kept of voting on each membership application, but will not be made public to the applicant. Should the panel find that the applicant does not completely fulfill the criteria, but does show an aptitude for improvement, they may be offered to join as an Associate Member with an annual review.
A completed application is not necessarily a guarantee of acceptance to the Guild. If an application is not accepted at that time the reasons for non-acceptance may be given to the applicant at the discretion of the Founding Members. A non-acceptance does not exclude a re-submission of an application after a suitable time period, usually a minimum of 6 months.
New applicants will be informed of their acceptance or otherwise as soon as possible.


Membership is monthly and either a standing order form will be sent to them or they can choose the monthly option on the online application form. Payments will start on the 1st of the month after acceptance. This is a fixed amount of £7.50 for 12 months. On the renewal date, members will have the option to continue paying monthly or annually. Applicants can choose pay annually in advance by cheque, postal order, cash, bank transfer, or by PayPal. Annual payments receive a £15 discount for paying in advance which brings the membership fee to £75. Members can chose to pay annually at any time during the monthly payment plan, if they wish to change.
Once an applicant is accepted into The Guild, a monthly payment plan is set up, unless paying annually.

3.Upon Acceptance

Once accepted you will be sent by email the Guild Logo and The Guild Banner that should be used on any mailing and Website to show that you are a Member of The Guild of Erotic Artists. You will also be put on the JADE distribution list and you will receive an access code for JADE on the 1st of each month that you are a Member. You will also receive recent and future relevant updates that are sent to all Guild members on a regular basis. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose than to communicate between Guild Members. It will not be passed on to a third party for commercial gain. However, if you have stated that your email address and telephone number are to be made public and are to be put on The Guild Website, The Guild cannot be held responsible for any unsolicited calls or spam that you may receive.  


By becoming a Member of The Guild, each Member agrees to abide by the ethos of The Guild and uphold its standing. A Member must not bring The Guild into disrepute.
A membership can be revoked at the discretion of the Guild if it is felt the member has not upheld the quality or ideology of the Guild rules and guidelines. This includes bringing The Guild down publicly i.e. by social media.

If the member has a grievance or complaint regarding membership, promotion, another member, exhibitions or anything relevant, they must contact The Secretary at once where the grievance will be investigated thoroughly. A grievance should not be aired publicly, i.e. by social media as this contrevenes our rules and constitution and membership will be revoked immediately and the members details will be removed from all Guild media instantly. In all cases, the Secretary must be informed. This does not affect your statutory rights and you can seek legal advice if required. However, The Secretary should always be the first point of contact in any grievance or complaint.

5. Renewing your membership of The Guild

One month before your renewal date, you will be reminded that your Guild Membership is due for renewal. You can also set up a annual renewal on the application form if you wish. You will be given the choice of annual payment or monthly payment. You will also be given the choice of how to pay on the invoice. This must be done by or up to 14 days after the renewal date. If you have not paid by 14 days after the renewal date, your details will be removed from The Guild Website and other relevant media and put on hold until you pay your fee. Should you not wish to renew, you should inform the Secretary before the renewal date by email or telephone and the reason why you do not wish to renew. You must remove any logo or banner appertaining to The Guild from your Website, emails, letterheads and any marketing materials you use.
Anyone with the Guild logo, Guild banner or information stating that they are a Guild Member after their membership has ended, through whatever reason, must remove it immediately, otherwise they will risk legal proceedings for false advertising.

If you pay monthly and wish to leave The Guild at any time during that membership period, you must inform accounts first and then you can cancel the standing order or contact our accounts for us to cancel it. Once cancelled, all your Guild promotion will cease, contact details and images will be removed although we retain the right to keep images used in previous articles, news items and exhibitions on our Website. Use of The Guild Logo and Guild banner must cease, and on all marketing materials used. One months notice is required for cancellation. There is no cancellation fee apart from if a payment is due within the statutory 30 days notice period payment will be taken.

If you wish to re-join The Guild at any time, you can apply as long as the rules of The Guild have not been broken in the time that you are not a member. You may have to submit new details and images depending on how long the break is. However, The Secretary has the final say on re-admission irrespective of conduct.