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Hear what Guild Members have to say.......

What do you like about the Guild? "The non-judgemental approach of its members towards artists, all are welcome and encouraged."
Why did you join The Guild? "To help promote my work to a wider audience and meet with like minded artists and models."
What does The Guild offer/give you? "The Guild offers me exhibition opportunities and the ability to promote my work. "
John Tisbury (Northants,UK) 

"I originally joined the Guild because it provides a means of being able to exhibit my drawings. It’s members have always provided me with useful encouraging criticism and I intend to renew my membership in order to maintain my association with a very useful organisation. I joined when it only had a handful of members and its good to see how it has expanded to what is today."       
Robin Goss (Bristol,UK)

"Guild members have allowed me to develop my art work as a hobby with willingly offered help and advice, be that artists, body casters, photographers and not forgetting the models. I thank them all. The event days have provided a social background together with the opportunity to learn, an invaluable resource."
Ian Wood (Darlington, UK)

"As an American Figurative and Erotic artist, I joined the Guild many years ago to expand my exhibiting range beyond the USA. I joined because of the outstanding quality of the artist and photographers members. What is wonderful about the look of the Art exhibited on the Guild website is the variety of styles presented, from airbrush style to painterly figurative erotic art.  When I discover an outstanding figurative erotic artists anywhere in the world , I refer them to become a member of the Guild."
Harry Weisburd (California, USA)

"I like the community spirit which sadly most erotic artists are usually on the fringe of. Here it is strong and supportive. I joined the Guild firstly for recognition, then secondly, to be a part of. The Guild provides many opportunities to exhibit and meet up with fellow members. The new website promises potential sales is very interesting to me as a respected outlet for my work. Being part of the volume 2 book of the Guild was very important."
Steve DT (Brighton,UK)

"The Guild represents free thinking individuals who celebrate the human form and enjoyment we get from it. I joined the Guild because the themes of artwork and photography was the same as my own obsessions. The Guild informs me of exhibitions and oppurtunities to show my work along with like minded artists and keeps in touch telling me of venues and chances to exhibit. The Guild means I am not weird or perverted doing erotic artwork as I am not alone. I'm pleased that The Guild has stepped up activities recently and is getting more exciting."
Judy Deykin (Newhaven,UK)

"I have been a member of The Guild for several years now and have found it the most supportive group I have ever joined.  The standards of work produced by members is of world class and level of creative professionalism is staggering.  I am pleased and proud, to call myself a member of The Guild of Erotic Artists."
Richard Savage (Cambs,UK)

""Since joining the Guild in 2009 and benefiting from their promotional activity, the interest in my work has grown beyond my wildest expectations. The Guild's link with Jade magazine can work wonders for any erotic artist with aspirations to see their work published." I certainly get much more web traffic since joining, and the publicity from Jade is great"
Alan Wright (Perth,UK)

"The Guild was formed the year after we launched JADE magazine and we've been active members ever since. The Guild has, and continues to offer us a great collaborative opportunity where we can work with a large number of artists in a number of disciplines (art, photography, sculpture and film) to promote both their work and the wider appeal of erotic art in general, bringing it into the mainstream and to a wider audience. The Guild is only as strong as its membership, which is why we continue to play an active and supportive role as the Guild continues to do what it does best, attract, support and promote the best artists working in the erotic arena today. We are proud to be members of the Guild and recommend it to both those just starting out on their erotic art careers and those who are already well established."
(Mark Marsay - Editor - JADE magazine, Scarborough,UK)

"The Guild gives me an opportunity to exhibit my work and to network with other artists, publishers and models. The fact that Jade Magazine is linked to the Guild and has a wide circulation gives me opportunity to further circulate my work and hopefully create business either through lighting workshops, paid shoots or advertisement and sales. I am new to the Photography World and am looking to make my mark, not only in the erotic world of photography  but also on the Portrait  side looking at capturing the chemistry between people, the mood,  people in their own environment or a world of their own. The Guild gives me the opportunity to exhibit my more erotic work to a more discerning audience targeting people interested in the artistic nature rather than porn."
Chris Drury (St.Albans, UK)

"Great support from The Guild at my first Erotica Show in 2011."
Patricia Pastore (Manchester,UK)