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How Can You Join?

To apply to join The Guild, complete The Guild On-Line Application Form. Follow the instructions on the form and complete where relevant.  Details of how to pay follow in the Thank you email after submitting. 
Your application will be dealt and you will be notified of the outcome within 72 hours. Rejected applicants will have a full refund immediately. However, rather than rejection, we positively encourage prospective members so you will be asked to join as an Associate Member and you can have appointed a mentor to help you with your skills if you need it.

Please read the Terms & Conditions. By completing the application it is understood that you have read them and will abide by them. 


How to apply to join

The Guild of Erotic Artists is an organisation that feels that good quality standards of membership are extremely important to maintaining the integrity and standards of its membership. Any new membership is controlled according to the guidelines detailed below.

·         Entry to the Guild is open to artists, photographers, sculptors, bodypainters, and lifecasters who have a body of artistic work that can be classed as sensual or figurative in nature. It must also show a good level of competence, technique and originality, although enthusiasm and attitude is equally important to our membership. The medium utilised for the artwork can take many forms, and need not necessarily be limited to conventional artistic media, and many forms of artistic work can be considered according to artistic expression.

·        An application must be received with a selection of artwork via email for the randomly selected panel to assess the membership application. Any application submitted without examples will be rejected. In most cases, a Website will assist the application.

·         Applications are scrutinised by a panel consisting of the founder members and 5 current Guild members and nominate on each individual application.  Should the panel find that the applicant does not completely fulfil the criteria, but does show an aptitude for improvement, they may be offered to join as an Associate Member with an annual review.

·         A completed application is not necessarily a guarantee of acceptance to the Guild. If an application is not accepted at that time the reasons for non-acceptance may be given to the applicant at the discretion of the Founding Members. A non-acceptance does not exclude a re-submission of an application after a suitable time period, usually a minimum of 6 months.

·         A membership can be revoked at the discretion of the Guild if it is felt the member has not upheld the quality or ideology of the Guild rules and guidelines.

·         The types of membership and fees are listed on page 2 of this application

·         The Benefits of being a Guild Member are listed on pages 3-4 of this application.

If you feel that you have what it takes to become a Guild Member, decide on what type of membership you are applying for and complete the application form on page 5 (and the standing order mandate on page 6 if you are applying for monthly membership). Once completed, either scan and email the application along with 6 images of your current work and a short biography. If accepted, these images and text can be used on your page on The Guild Website.

**All personal details are held in confidence and never used or passed on to a third party. Those members who wish to remain anonymous or use another name to trade are very welcome. Many members use a pseudonym and this is acceptable. In these cases, the real names are never divulged to anyone.

If you have any questions regarding applying for membership, please contact Colin Ballard the secretary via email at secretary@theguildoferoticartists.com or phone him on 07885 803422.

Types of Membership

A membership can consist of one of the following:

  • Full membership holds many benefits. But it is also dependent on satisfying strict professional criteria. That is good news for you - Guild membership brings with it status. But it is also good news for those who use the Guild as a source of professionalism and expertise - they know we demand certain standards. Open to all artists, photographers, sculptors, life casters, writers, performers, and anyone whose work is sensual in nature.      
  • Associate membership is open to the amateur or hobbyist who wishes to learn and aspire to greater things.                          
  • Student membership is open to full-time students (proof required) studying any genre and want to specialise in erotic art.
  • Model membership is open all models male and female, and any category: Life Models, Glamour, Fetish, Runway, Lingerie, Art Nude, etc.
  • Friends membership is open to individuals and organisations who want to maintain close links with the Guild - for example, nightclubs, web based organisations, retailers in lingerie, bookshops, etc.

Who can join and what are the fees? (GBP £, Euros, US $ accepted)

  • Full Membership          £7.50 p.m. / £75 p.a.(€90 p.a. US $100 p.a.)       
  • Associate Membership £5.00 p.m. / £50 p.a.(€60 p.a. US $70 p.a.)     
  • Student Membership   £2.50 p.m. / £25 p.a.(€30 p.a. US $40 p.a.)   
  • Model Membership     £20 one-off fee only (€25 or US $30)      
  • Friends Membership   £2.00 p.m. / £20 p.a.(€25 p.a. US $30 p.a.)

 IMPORTANT! Full, Associates, Students, & Models;

6 images of your work and a short biography must be sent via email as soon as you send in your application. We cannot process without images.

Payment must accompany the Membership Application. Payment methods are on the application form. New applicants will be informed of their acceptance or otherwise as soon as possible normally within 7 days. Applicants who are applying to pay monthly, there is a standing order mandate on page 6 that should be completed and returned with the application.

Membership starts on the 1st of the month following your application acceptance.